Spicehouse: Tomorrow Is the Answer

Spicehouse: Tomorrow Is the Answer
Title: Tomorrow Is the Answer
Label: CD Baby

This double-CD, two-hour plus musical sojourn is the first full-length release from the trip hop/world beat/jazz band Spicehouse, following their debut extended play CD, Anise Star, also on the Blue City label. Influenced by the unique stylings of musicians as diverse as Ornette Coleman, the Grateful Dead, Eno, Portishead, and Zero 7, the group's sound blurs the boundaries between genres, waxing poetic and waning cool. From upbeat polyrhythmic syncopations to meandering, mystical explorations to sultry, straight-forward sambas, Tomorrow is the Answer raises many a musical question that will leave you listening again - and again. Influenced by the unique stylings of groundbreaking artists from the avant-garde jazz scene of the 1950s to modern day electronica pioneers, Spicehouse is the newest musical venture from Rick Eppedio and C.R. Keyser-Posner, a foray into world beats, acid and traditional jazz forms, and trip hop grooves, filtered through the aural prism of their former bands, Barbarian Lovers and Smoke Ring Days.

1.1 Ibiza Sunrise (With You I'm Free)
1.2 Heal + Atone
1.3 Baby, I Know That You Know
1.4 Travelling
1.5 Hell to Pay
1.6 Blue Haze Around the Crescent Moon
1.7 Behind the Mask
1.8 William and Marie's Prayer
1.9 Blow
1.10 Caravan to Infinity
1.11 Blow (Extended Mix)
1.12 Behind the Mask (Extended Mix)
1.13 Blue Indigo/Blue Haze Around the Crescent Moon
1.14 On Through the Night
1.15 Neon Nocturne
1.16 Baby, Don't You Follow
1.17 Head in the Sand

Spicehouse: Tomorrow Is the Answer

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