Spindrift: Andromeda

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Spindrift

Title: Andromeda
Label: CD Baby

Andromeda - the nearest spiral galaxy to our Milky Way galaxy - full of luminous star systems and dark matter mysteries! Majestically extending it's spiral arms towards the infinity of space, it beckons the spirit to fathom the origins of life in our universe. From it's polarity based center, the birthplace of it's existence, the ying and yang of the unity of life where a concentration of bright stars and the black hole of the galaxy's center form the well of continual renewal of life force and world creating matter, Andromeda is home to many smaller galaxies that - over billions of years - have been absorbed and integrated into it's magnetic orbit, all revolving around Andromeda's life spewing axis as if life depends on staying connected to the Source that nourishes and sustains it's existence. Named after the princess Andromeda of the Greek myth, who was ready to give her life for her country, and who was saved from the fangs of a sea monster by her future husband Perseus, Andromeda approaches our denser matter Milky Way, to eventually - over another few billions of years - from a greater whole, a conglomerate of galaxies that will revolve around the same dark hole vortex, and together host an incredible potential of world creating life force. 'Andromeda' is the source of inspiration and energy that flow and vibrate throughout this music album with a pace and rhythm that magnetize the listener to the core of universal life itself. Enjoy the warm textures and cosmic soundscapes of this mind-expanding music, music that reminds of a parallel world that conjures our most longing feelings of universal companionship and ultimate belonging!

1.1 Aurora
1.2 Planetary Orbit
1.3 Cosmos
1.4 Starlight
1.5 Departure
1.6 Shine
1.7 Parallax
1.8 A New Horizon
1.9 Solar Cycle

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