Spinoza: Inevitable Movement Onward

Spinoza: Inevitable Movement Onward
Title: Inevitable Movement Onward
Label: CD Baby

Spinoza was started in 1991 as an acoustic duo by Reid Maclean and Lee Kizer. In 1993, Kizer and Maclean recorded their first album, 'Spinach,' with Colin McGrath (Guitar) and Sasha Greenawalt (Bass). Spinoza did small tours along the east coast for several years playing colleges, coffeehouses and bars. In 1998, Spinoza went back into the studio with friend, Brooks Williams, to produce the album 'Groove Like Corduroy.' After recording, Kizer and Maclean moved back to New York City to team up with Paul Phillips and Greg Beyer and form a solid band around the singer/songwriter style songs. The band toured extensively for two years. Spinoza just released it's third album, 'The Inevitable Movement Onward.' Stay tuned for more details supporting tour.

1.1 Fast Track
1.2 Stop ; Stare
1.3 My Best Behavior
1.4 Watching You
1.5 Losing Eva
1.6 Rise Up
1.7 Annie
1.8 State of Grace
1.9 Ponchetrain
1.10 I'll Meet You There
1.11 Blue Eyed Monster

Spinoza: Inevitable Movement Onward

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