Spirit Bomb

Spirit Bomb: Tight

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Spirit Bomb

Title: Tight
Label: Music-Records

Spirit Bomb presents their 1st album "Tight", a track that evokes the urgency, the tension, but also the relationship and the interweaving of people and their time, their universe. A rock album, tinged with multiple influences such as Hip-Hop, Metal and even Blues. For Fans of Rage the Against the Machine, Gorillaz, Led Zeppelin

1.1 Take It
1.2 Come Out
1.3 Come in
1.4 Each
1.5 Bad Words
1.6 Take My Land
1.7 Brand New Scars
1.8 Intro
1.9 Break a Brick
1.10 Bababudda
1.11 When Police Riots
1.12 One Spirit One Bomb
1.13 Sandman

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