Spisak / Czaicka-Jaklewicz / Trepczynski

Spisak / Czaicka-Jaklewicz / Trepczynski: Piano Solo & Chamber Music

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Product Type: CD

Title: Piano Solo & Chamber Music
Label: Dux Recording Prod.

The music of Michal Spisak was much more recognizable and available to a wide audience during the composer's lifetime than nowadays. This album contains three compositions of this artist: the Piano Suite (a piece with a transparent texture in which Spisak clearly refers to the Baroque tradition), Sonata for violin and piano (for a change, very rich, diverse texture, full of violin dyad passages, varied in terms of harmony and sound color) and Concerto for two pianos (very spectacular work, extremely diverse, as far as the sound is concerned; highly demanding for the pianists). The aforementioned pieces are a cross-section of the compositional techniques typical of Michal Spisak's musical language; they also introduce a whole range of neoclassical features confirming the composer's stylistic affiliation. The music of Michal Spisak broadens the horizons of the musical imagination of both the performer and the recipient-listener, and this album attempts to show it's phenomenon, consisting in expressing naturalness and straightforwardness using an extremely wide range of various compositional techniques.

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