Spitznagel: West to the Octopus

Spitznagel: West to the Octopus
Title: West to the Octopus
Label: CD Baby

CD Synopsis: Hallucinogenic hi-jinx and factory-strength techno-jamz. Inspired by 20th century Japanese art and fueled by one man's desire to make a lot of noise! A PC loaded with original and found music loops, samples and sounds is this artist's studio/palette. 'All I need can be created on the keyboard' says Spitznagel; 'with this computer I can conjure up more musical voodoo then I ever could with my paisley Telecaster!' Spitznagel's music ranges from acid-jazz to retro-electro to techno-dub to laptop-blip'n'glitch. With 30 years of experience in the music business and 15 of those as a professional musician, Spitznagel brings a broad perspective to the world of loop- and sample-based music. CADENCE, the world-renowned jazz magazine, has stated: 'Spitznagel negotiates a unique solo performance using electronics as his paintbrush and an extra-wide soundstage on which to splatter his creation'.

1.1 Rotation Machine
1.2 Black Moon
1.3 The Face Behind the Face
1.4 Shadow of the Key
1.5 White Walls
1.6 Insecure City Insecure Steps
1.7 The Absence of Insects

Spitznagel: West to the Octopus

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