Spoon: Gimme Fiction

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Artist: Spoon

Artist: Spoon
Title: Gimme Fiction
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited deluxe double vinyl LP pressing released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this classic Spoon album. Includes a 24" x 36" poster. Contains the album remastered by Howie Weinberg from the original tapes, a second disc with 12 previously unreleased demos from the era and a full-color book containing photos and an extensive oral history of the making of the album. Gimme Fiction dragged the sonic pointillism of Kill The Moonlight further into dub-influenced weirdness as the increasingly confident Spoon went crazy in the studio, experimenting with everything from warped hip-hop samples to horse whinnies. How all this directionless Dylan worship and psychedelic goofing resulted in an album as sharply realized as Gimme Fiction is a testament solely to Spoon's self-assurance and tastefulness (and some hard work, and a bit of luck, etc.). Whatever digging or strange alchemy had to go into it, they only produced more gold. Gimme Fiction deserves special recognition because it's the album where Spoon-backed into a corner-took some crazy leaps, all of them forward. It's a "departure point" for a band that, lucky for us, has never made a real departure.

1.1 The Beast and Dragon, Adored
1.2 The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
1.3 I Turn My Camera on
1.4 My Mathematical Mind
1.5 The Delicate Place
1.6 Sister Jack
2.1 I Summon You
2.2 The Infinite Pet
2.3 Was It You?
2.4 They Never Got You
2.5 Merchants of Soul

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