Spring Groove: Folkin Around the World

Spring Groove: Folkin Around the World
Title: Folkin Around the World
Label: CD Baby

Spring Groove's 10th CD, FOLKIN' AROUND THE WORLD takes us on a global musical journey. This WORLD FOLK CD includes songs and mantras that are both original and traditional. It is sung in Hebrew, Sanskrit, Italian, Spanish, Tibetan, Yoruba, and English. It's recorded LIVE with her musical partner Erhard Dengl from Munich, Germany who plays tabla & hammer dulcimer and features world class musician friends, Jason Paige. Laura Jane, Ty Taylor, J'Nae Fincannon,Tawny Dolley, Christopher Youngsman, Maiya Sykes, Deepak Ramapriyan, Andreas Sikkis, Dusty Brough, Miles Shrewsbery, Jan Kahlert, Yehoshua Brill, Denise Kaufman, Dave Stringer, David Mages, Elisa Bruni, Matthias Roth, Kamala Arn, Andy Kravitz, Rick Kurek, Hans Christian. Sonic delights from this impressive roster include a American Gospel Choir, Slide Guitar and Harmonica, Indian Saragee, Mandolin & Bansuri Flutes, Flamenco Cajon & Nylon String Guitar, Israeli Fiddle, Middle Eastern Duduk, & African Kalimba, At the core of the CD is Spring Groove & Erhard Dengl playing LIVE. This magical combination is the heart of the CD. It is also the cohesive glue that allows the listener to go from Bologna Blues to Krishna without a glitch.

1.1 Gayatri / This Little Light
1.2 Shalom
1.3 Ella Cambia
1.4 Ide Were Were
1.5 Bologna Blues
1.6 Krishna
1.7 Saraswati / One of Us
1.8 Without You-Wahe Guru
1.9 Shiva
1.10 Om Tara Tuttare (108 Rounds)
1.11 Ra Ma Da Sa / Hallelujah

Spring Groove: Folkin Around the World

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