Squeeze: Squeeze

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Artist: Squeeze

Artist: Squeeze
Title: Squeeze
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Squeeze is the self-titled debut album released by British group Squeeze. The album title was simply Squeeze in the United Kingdom, but in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries the album, like the band, was marketed under the name U.K. Squeeze to avoid confusion with similarly named American and Australian groups. The LP was produced by John Cale, except for the singles "Take Me I'm Yours" and "Bang Bang", which were produced by the band. "Take Me I'm Yours" became one of the band's signature songs. The album's tracks were edgy and raw, reflecting their influences ('60s rock and, surprisingly, The Velvet Underground) and the punk and post-punk energy in the UK. The more melodic tracks like "Model" were signposts pointing in the direction the band would eventually take by the time they recorded their Cool For Cats album the following year.

1.1 Sex Master (Side A)
1.2 Bang Bang (Side A)
1.3 Strong in Reason (Side A)
1.4 Wild Sewerage Tickles Brazil (Side A)
1.5 Out of Control (Side A)
1.6 Take Me I'm Yours (Side A)
1.7 The Call (Side B)
1.8 Model (Side B)
1.9 Remember What (Side B)
1.10 First Thing Wrong (Side B)
1.11 Hesitation (Rule Britannia) (Side B)
1.12 Get Smart (Side B)

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