Ssse: Deep Time Predator

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Artist: Ssse

Artist: Ssse
Title: Deep Time Predator
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited twelve inch picture disc vinyl pressing of this EP. DEEP TIME PREDATOR explores the life of Kingnites Diamondi - a 400 million year old predatory worm from the bottom of the ocean. Named in honor of King Diamond by Swedish scientist Mats Eriksson, these five tracks tell the story of life in the murky sediment, vocalized by at the Gates' Tomas 'Tompa' Lindberg, with music from black metal upstarts Invertia, and remixes from Submerged, Zerfallmensch, seetyca, and Swedish metal group Denata. From blistering black metal to classic thrash metal to noise and ambience, all themed in tribute to King Diamond!

1.1 Deep Time Predator
1.2 Deep Time Abstract - Zerfallmensch Version
1.3 Deep Time Predator - Denata Version
1.4 Deep Time Predator - Submerged Vs. Invertia Remix
1.5 Deep Time Predator - Seetyca Ambiant Translation

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