Ssse: Ida

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Artist: Ssse

Artist: Ssse
Title: Ida
Product Type: VINYL LP

Twelve inch picture disc vinyl pressing of this 2014 single. A cross-pollination of the amazing voice of Life of Agony's Mina Caputo, epic doom metal from Gator Bait Ten, and text from the scientist behind the unveiling of the world's most famous fossil, Jorn Harald Hurum, Ssse is a new outlet for science outreach based music. 'Ida' tells the story of the controversy surrounding the fossil, with this picture disc delivering two equally powerful versions of the song. The original version is a slow, building piece between shoegaze and drone metal, with the powerful kit work of Parsons supplemented by gorgeous singing and narration from the versatile Caputo, and guitars and soundscape by the rest of Gator Bait Ten. The B side is an alternative, Nirvana inspired variation, written and performed by Mina Caputo. A faster paced, trashy, sexed up take on the words of Dr. Hurum, this version is a thrilling ride through the world of Ida - a 47 million year old primate, debated by many as the possible 'missing link'

1.1 Ida
1.2 Ida (Panda Mix)

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