St. Elmo's Fire

St. Elmo's Fire: Really in Love!: Psycho Rockers 1979-84 1

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Artist: St. Elmo's Fire

Artist: St. Elmo's Fire
Title: Really in Love!: Psycho Rockers 1979-84 1

Ok, let's face it. If St. Elmos Fire was an actual real person, he would definitely be locked up in a mental institution for life. Or at the very least be on some very serious drugs!! The original SEF was that kind of band. They were schizophrenic. Musically and most assuredly, lyrically. Listen to the songs. If you were lucky enough to be living in California in the late 70's and early '80's and caught one of their shows you know what I'm talking about. The band was a dynamo of raw energy on stage. It's like they dared you to keep up with them. But the most important thing was the tunes . They ranged anywhere from hard rock to new wave to pop to metal to country to punk to virtually any genre there ever was. And during the entire set it all flowed so smoothly! But that was only the beginning. It was really the lyrics that made people wonder what was up with these guys. They delved into dark subjects that would make even the most hardcore bands squirm. Listen to the songs! It wasn't that they wanted to shock you or anything just for the sake of shocking you. They could write beautiful and commercial music anytime they wanted, like "Really in Love" then turn on you seconds later like a rabid dog with the disturbing "Take the Wires Out of My Head" I said, schizophrenic! The words that audiences took notice of really came from the genius mind of Tim Raynor-Allwein. Sharp as fine steel and delightfully twisted at the same time. With Jeff writing the music and Alan Kreutzer and Steve Raynor adding the one two punch that made St. Elmos Fire what it was, you come up with a band that no one could ever pin down. Listen to the songs!

1.1 Summertime Girls
1.2 Love's a Big Word
1.3 I'm Sorry (Live)
1.4 Really in Love
1.5 Burning Rubber (Live)
1.6 Swineherd
1.7 Underalls (Live)
1.8 Happy with You (Live)
1.9 Cold in the Night (Live)
1.10 Tried and True ('79 Demo)
1.11 Take the Wires Out of My Head
1.12 Too Bad (Alternate Version)
1.13 Radio Interview Clip " on Forming the Band"
1.14 Radio Interview Clip "On Psycho Lyrics"
1.15 Radio Interview Clip "More Psycho Lyrics"

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