Stabilizer: Project Called Red

Stabilizer: Project Called Red
Title: Project Called Red
Label: CD Baby

Stabilizer Bio: Take two complete strangers, leave them in their respective rooms on opposite sides of the country with internet access, and what might you get? You might get nothing, or you might get an album running the gamut from aggressive electronic rock to smooth ambient tunes. The latter is what we see in the case of Stabilizer's 'A Project Called Red.' Brought together on the internet, Brad and Ian began working on their album in mid-2005 without letting the hindrance of never knowing the other musician slow their creative productivity. Within 6 months, Ian's vocal and guitar work perfectly melded with Brad's synthesis and they had given their new band a distinct sound. Along the way, guest musicians including Dan of Blood&Batteries, Luminous Ether, and vocalist Morgan Long joined the fray. In the end, 'A Project Called Red' incorporated talents from Texas to Philadelphia to Florida to Taiwan. This album is groundbreaking in it's diversity and innovative in it's construction. It is definitely not to be missed.

1.1 Movie Star
1.2 Realize
1.3 Industry Standard
1.4 A Strange Man
1.5 Mission Statement
1.6 Run Between the Raindrops
1.7 Particular
1.8 Speak Up
1.9 Knowing Every Loss Like Yours
1.10 We Are Definite!
1.11 Natural
1.12 Distance
1.13 Grasping
1.14 Honey on a Razorblade
1.15 Grey to Green
1.16 Struck
1.17 The Hidden Joke Track

Stabilizer: Project Called Red

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