Stace England: Lovey Dovey All the Time

Stace England: Lovey Dovey All the Time
Title: Lovey Dovey All the Time
Label: CD Baby

'Stace England is a musical chameleon. Whether it's a tender love song or an all-out rocker, England can effortlessly pull it off.' -NIGHTLIFE 'Simply put, Lovey Dovey All The Time has a few of the catchiest, most impressive pop rock love songs of recent memory.' - MUSIC-CRITIC.COM 'There's no question what this album harkens to is the best of classic American pop rock. From ballads to driving numbers and insightful lyrics this album has it all and does it all well. If you really like classic American pop rock this is a must own album.' - INDIE SPINZONE 'Some day soon when file sharing kills all theme and concept records we're going to miss good ones like Lovey Dovey All the Time. Enjoy them while you can.' - POP MECCA 'A very impressive collection of romance influenced pop tunes.' - PULSE 'Pop lovers will enjoy this one.' - SPONIC 'Lovey Dovey All The Time is an impressive collection of well-written songs about love from a guy who says that before this record, he had no success at writing a love song.' - ROCKZONE.

1.1 Killing Me
1.2 Picture Her Face
1.3 She Loves Kurt Cobain
1.4 Glenn Miller
1.5 Downwind
1.6 Angel on Your Shoulder
1.7 Chatterbox
1.8 Alethea
1.9 Throw It Away
1.10 Stand Together
1.11 Never My Love

Stace England: Lovey Dovey All the Time

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