Stafraenn Hakon: Gummi

Stafraenn Hakon: Gummi
Artist: Stafraenn Hakon
Title: Gummi

Much-anticipated brand new full length from one of the leading lights of Iceland's burgeoning alternative music scene, following 2004's Ventill/Poki and the accompanying debut UK tour. Stafraenn Hakon is the pseudonym of Olafur Josephsson, and Gummi is his fourth album release for UK indie Resonant - the first two effectively being full releases for his bedroom recordings. While Ventill/Poki represented his first material recorded with a supporting cast - a progression that was very evident in comparison to his previous output - Gummi marks a further giant leap forward in every respect. Having established himself as a predominantly instrumental artist, Josephsson will surprise many with the inclusion of six full vocal tracks among the nine included here - featuring Birgir Hilmarsson (Blindfold/Ampop) on five tracks and Efterklang's Casper Clausen on one, alongside other guest musicians and collaborators. While recognising the need to constantly evolve in order to maintain and expand upon your audience, the key elements that have always marked out Stafraenn Hakon from the crowded post-rock platform are still very much in place; delicate, intricate instrumentation and atmospherics, building slowly and organically, drawing in the listener. Sure to be his biggest album to date, Gummi is housed in a full colour CD wallet featuring stunning hand-drawn artwork, and will be supported by UK tour dates around the release.

1.1 J
1.2 Svefn
1.3 P-Rofi
1.4 RJ
1.5 Hausi
1.6 Kvef
1.7 Purr Purr
1.8 Glussi
1.9 Veggur

Stafraenn Hakon: Gummi

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