Stan Fischer

Stan Fischer: Rhumba Numba New Music for Guitar

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Artist: Stan Fischer

Artist: Stan Fischer
Title: Rhumba Numba New Music for Guitar

Stan Fischer has been writing and arranging guitar solos for many years. He started out playing piano as a young boy. Went on to play trombone and violin in school bands and orchestras. At the age of 12 he picked up a guitar and started playing it almost immediately. His previous violin training turned out to be a real plus for learning guitar fingering technique. As he progressed on guitar while still playing piano he entered the University of Wisconsin Music program and studied keyboard theory, harmony and counterpoint. He then transposed many of the things he learned at school into the guitar world he was creating for himself. This was a crucial step in his training and it surfaced after about 5 years of writing when he began composing Rags and Open Tuning guitar solos utilizing independent bass lines played with his thumb. This technique has carried through to this day with many of his songs bearing this independent thumb trademark.

1.1 Rhumba Numba
1.2 Flat Wallet
1.3 Camino Espanol
1.4 Fat's Rag
1.5 Cuttin' Up
1.6 Front Street Roll
1.7 Classical Mania
1.8 After Fall Comes Winter
1.9 Muddy Water
1.10 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
1.11 Woogie
1.12 Ringtone

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