Stand Out Riot

Stand Out Riot: Stand Out Riot : Carnival Militia

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Stand Out Riot

Title: Stand Out Riot : Carnival Militia
Label: CD Baby

Stand Out Riot: an elite ska-punk-hardcore-gypsy horde from Manchester, UK since 2004. Combining the power of 3 horns, a violin and heaps of vocals, neatly balanced on top of a skanky, moshy, punky rhythm section; SOR create sounds that are guaranteed to make you jump out of your seat, straight onto the dancefloor. Known for their intensely energetic live shows, and dynamic studio output, Stand Out Riot pack 110% into every millisecond of every song, every time. Check out the debut album 'Carnival Militia', which was recorded at BigTone Studios and released in association with TNSrecords. Don't just take our word for it, here are some reviews: 'The new Stand Out Riot album, Carnival Militia, showed up in the mail yesterday and is one of the best ska-punk CDs I've ever heard. It's like the kids in the band went to their producer, played him "The Final Countdown" by Europe, and said "we want to sound that fucking big." Seriously - epic.' Rockstar Journalist 'The energy is unyielding - giving a fair insight to the live experience of SOR. Driving bass, clever guitar work, striking violin solos, a harmonic sax duo and percussion that will make you reach for your air-drumsticks. It's ska-core at it's finest.' 2nd City Magazine 'Stand Out Riot don't mess around - theirs is an in-your-face ska that's packed with expected excitement and some surprising turns; there's even some alt-rock twists in there.' BBC Manchester 'Two Tone ska crashes into a searing metal-core slant. Stand Out Riot mingles a political edge with a quirky fun element and some bold, full bodied musicianship, oh and most importantly an enthusiasm for what they're doing leaps out at you like a drunken lepricorn' Glasswerk. Co.UK.

1.1 Depth Charge
1.2 Playing with Hammers
1.3 The Monstrous Cabaret
1.4 Ambush Paddington
1.5 The British Nazi Parade
1.6 Spacesuit
1.7 The Oxbridge Mafia
1.8 Counting Sheep

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