Standells & Chocolate Watchband

Standells & Chocolate Watchband: Riot on the Sunset Strip Revisited

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Artist: Standells & Chocolate Watchband
Title: Riot on the Sunset Strip Revisited

The Standells and The Chocolate Watchband were legendary performers during the height of the Sunset Strip scene in mid 60's Los Angeles. RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP REVISITED presents the bands with original members performing before sold-out crowds during the Cave-Stomp Festival in New York City in 1999. The two disc set presents full sets from both bands performing all of the timeless garage-rock nuggets.

1.1 Riot on Sunset Strip (The Standells)
1.2 There's a Storm Coming (The Standells)
1.3 Why Pick on Me'(The Standells)
1.4 Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear WH (The Standells)
1.5 Rari (The Standells)
1.6 Pride ; Devotion (The Standells)
1.7 Medication (The Standells)
1.8 Barracuda (The Standells)
1.9 Mr. Nobody (The Standells)
1.10 Little Sally Tease (The Standells)
1.11 Try It (The Standells)
1.12 Dirty Water (The Standells)
1.13 Why Did You Hurt Me'(The Standells)
1.14 Hippie Riot/Pandora's Box 1967 (Allan Smithee)
2.1 Blues Theme (The Chocolate Watchband)
2.2 Gone and Passes By (The Chocolate Watchband)
2.3 Don't Need Your Lovin'(The Chocolate Watchband)
2.4 Are You Gonna Be There_(The Chocolate Watchband)
2.5 It's All Ove Now Baby Blue (The Chocolate Watchband)
2.6 I'm Not Like Everybody Else (The Chocolate Watchband)
2.7 Sittin' There Standin'(The Chocolate Watchband)
2.8 She Was a Tender Trap (The Chocolate Watchband)
2.9 Misty Lane (The Chocolate Watchband)
2.10 Sweet Young Thing (The Chocolate Watchband)
2.11 Let's Talk About Girls (The Chocolate Watchband)
2.12 I Want to Make Love to You (The Chocolate Watchband)
2.13 I'm Movin' on (The Chocolate Watchband)
2.14 An Inspirational Message from Peter Zaremba (Peter Zaremba)

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