Starmen: Kiss The Sky

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Starmen

Title: Kiss The Sky
Label: Melodic Passion Recs

Starmen (Sweden) was formed in 2018. The idea was from the beginning to make a record that celebrated all the old heroes in the rock'n'roll sky such as Kiss, OZZY, Whitesnake, AC/DC, Def Leppard and more. Debut album "Welcome to my world" was a big surprise for many diehard rockfans and the rockmedia was taken by storm. Starmen made great new original music with great passion and fire where the band has now found more of their own ID in the music. The members all have a single color: silver, gold, red and purple and all wear makeup in the shape of a star. Debut album Welcome to my world have got raving and amazing reviews worldwide from Europe to North America & Asia so Starmen will continue this rock ´n´roll journey and let the world get Starmenized!

1.1 The Stealer
1.2 Dangerous
1.3 All along the watchtower
1.4 Gravity
1.5 A Mystery Thrill
1.6 Kiss The Sky
1.7 Bad Tatoo
1.8 Black sign
1.9 One Love
1.10 A Magical ride

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