Stars Go Dim

Stars Go Dim: Better

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Stars Go Dim

Title: Better
Label: Word

Chris Cleveland's falsetto urges everyone to embrace the positive and know that things will get better on the sophomore album from his moniker Stars Go Dim. Cleveland's avowed Christianity has him revisiting good times and bad times, with the knowledge that his faith will carry him through.

1.1 It's Gonna Get Better
1.2 I Look to You (Feat. Social Curb Misfits)
1.3 Heaven on Earth
1.4 Pieces
1.5 You Know Me Better
1.6 Revivial
1.7 For Worse or Better
1.8 I Believe
1.9 God Is for Us
1.10 Invisible
1.11 All Free
1.12 Autobiography (When I Found You)

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