Stars Here

Stars Here: Econoline Hymns

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Artist: Stars Here

Artist: Stars Here
Title: Econoline Hymns

It's the morning after a long night out, and the Stars Here are waking up with their heads swimming... it's time to play. They set up, call a few friends over, and get to the day's business: Twelve songs. They play "Econoline Van", a riff-rocker that struts and staggers like a band on a bender. "Everybody Knows", slowly rolling like the whiskey shots still in their stomachs. They chime into "Sinking Ships", a shimmering classic/country rock melody. Slowly, the hangovers persist, the band slows down. As the band rolls through the hungover-country-optimism of "Mustabin" and the drunken stomp of "Blood", they let their friends add personal flourishes: a tambourine here, a little pedal steel guitar, maybe a duet...and as the day progresses, the Stars Here have an epiphany: "This is how a record should be made."

1.1 Hanging By the Grace
1.2 Econoline Van
1.3 Stolen
1.4 Dog
1.5 Mustabin
1.6 Kidnap
1.7 Turn the Lights Out
1.8 Heavy
1.9 Everybody Knows
1.10 Sinking Ships
1.11 Lady
1.12 Blood

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