Stefan Grossman

Stefan Grossman: My Creole Belle

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Stefan Grossman

Title: My Creole Belle
Label: Stefan Grossman's

This solo guitar album by Stefan Grossman was first released in 1976. This is the first time it is available on an enhanced CD. The songs recorded have either been composed or greatly influenced by Black musicians from the early 1900s. Stefan has always been amazed about this period of music and how relevant it still is. You cannot escape it's influence on today's rock and pop music. One is always confronted by these Black echoes and roots. Likewise the guitar techniques that 20th century Black musicians used are inescapable in today's recorded and performed music. Tracks: 1. Tribute to Blind Lemon (*)2. Oh Babe, Ain’t No Lie (*)3. Mabel’s Dream (*)4. Heliotrope Bouquet (*)5. Turn Your Money Green (*)6. John Henry 7. Glory of Love (*)8. Medley: My Creole Belle (*)/Katz Rag (*)9. The Entertainer (*)10. Down South Blues 11. Mississippi Swamp March Number Two (*)Tab/music of all the tunes marked with a (*) is included on this CD as PDF files.

1.1 Tribute to Blind Lemon
1.2 Oh Babe, Ain't No Lie
1.3 Mabel S Dream
1.4 Heliotrope Bouquet
1.5 Turn Your Money Green
1.6 John Henry
1.7 Glory of Love
1.8 Medley: My Creole Belle/Katz Rag
1.9 The Entertainer
1.10 Down South Blues
1.11 Mississippi Swamp March Number Two
1.12 [CD-ROM Track] [Multimedia Track]

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