Redtenbacher's Funkestra: Hausmusik

Stefan Redtenbacher: Hausmusik
Title: Hausmusik
Label: CD Baby

Redtenbacher's Hausmusik - an Austrian-British Funk tale What is this album all about? An up-beat, intense and danceable deep house, disco/jazz/funk offering with a big band horn vibe on top, infectious bass lines in the bottom and lots of gutsy guitars and crunchy organ in the middle. The story of making the album Bassist Stefan Redtenbacher has been running his band the 'RB Funkestra', short for Redtenbacher's Funkestra, since May 2005, based in London. During that time Stefan embarked on a studio production journey that featured key members of the live band, many of the great musicians that he has come across in the London music scene and legendary funk musicians that Stefan has listened to since the Funk bug bit him, somewhere in Austria where the hills are alive! (No wonder he run away, that is just scary...) Influenced by house remixes by his friend and NY producer Thomas Foyer, the concept of a Deep House project was born. Deep House seems to be a DJ version of 80s disco funk and Stefan wanted to go back full circle and produce an album which featured the classic four-on-the-floor disco drum beat, upbeat tempos, infectious bass lines and.... Stefan's pet love: horns.... and lots of them. And all this played by around 30 musicians and no or very little programming are in sight. What has come out is an intense, up-beat and danceable instrumental disco/jazz/funk record with a cohesive good-time feel throughout the album - it seems to be a perfect follow up to his 2004 'Falling from Insanity' which was experimenting with different styles, all of course with funk undertones. Influences The musical influences that Stefan drew from are of course endless but here are a few reference points: Although this is an instrumental album Stefan was influenced by classic artists and recordings by Earth, Wind & Fire, The Jackson Five and Michael Jackson, James Brown and Tower of Power, as well as contemporary artists like Marc Ronson, Jamiroquai and The Dap Kings. Further inspiration was drawn from classic Big Band recordings by Count Basie and Quincy Jones, many Blue Note and Verve recording artists from the 60s and 70s, and of course, the Brecker Brothers. The artwork, which was brilliantly executed by Julian Black, is obviously influenced by the classic Blue Note cover designs by Reid Miles to honour his timeless and tasteful contributions to cover art.

1.1 Royal Rooster
1.2 Fred's Haus
1.3 Music to Swing Your Handbag to
1.4 Shindig!
1.5 Chit-Chat
1.6 Theme from 'Diamond Tiger'
1.7 Bow Wow
1.8 WRBD ('Rocking Big Daddy')
1.9 Sound of Dazz [Radio Edit]
1.10 Return of the Manbag
1.11 Theme from 'Diamond Tiger' [Guitar Edit]
1.12 WRBD [Trumpet Edit]
1.13 Sound of Dazz

Redtenbacher's Funkestra: Hausmusik

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