Stefon Harris

Stefon Harris: African Tarantella

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Artist: Stefon Harris

Artist: Stefon Harris
Title: African Tarantella

32 years after Duke Ellington's passing, vibraphonist-composer Stefon Harris gives US a remarkable new album of suites inspired by Ellington: AFRICAN TARANTELLA.. DANCES WITH DUKE. Comprised of Harris's enlightening re-orchestrations of three movements from Duke's NEW ORLEANS SUITE and two from his QUEENS SUITE, as well as three pieces from Harris's own suite THE GARDNER MEDITATIONS.

1.1 Thanks for the Beautiful Land on the Delta
1.2 Portrait of Wellman Braud
1.3 Bourbon Street Jingling Jollies
1.4 Sunset and the Mocking Bird
1.5 The Single Petal of a Rose
1.6 Memoirs of a Frozen Summer
1.7 African Tarantella
1.8 Dancing Enigma
1.9 Unlisted

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