Stefon Harris

Stefon Harris: Evolution

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Artist: Stefon Harris

Artist: Stefon Harris
Title: Evolution

Stefon Harris is one of today's brightest young jazz stars evolving from one project to the next. Stefon has gathered a new group of musicians, known as "Blackout," to help document the music of today. From the Sting Cover "Until" to the Latin-infused original "Red-Bone, Netti-Bone," Stefon and Blackout has delivered one of the year's best and highly-anticipated releases of 2004.

1.1 Nothing Personal
1.2 For Him, for Her
1.3 Until
1.4 Red Bone, Netti Bone
1.5 A Touch of Grace
1.6 Summertime
1.7 Blackout
1.8 The Lost Ones
1.9 King Tut
1.10 The Message
1.11 Montana

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