Stellar Jazz Safari

Stellar Jazz Safari: Stellar Jazz Safari

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Artist: Stellar Jazz Safari
Title: Stellar Jazz Safari

Made in the Shade is a one of a kind acoustic group that has entertained audiences worldwide with the exuberant spirit of New Orleans street music. Their unique blend of New Orleans jazz, swing, ethnic folk, and original music delights listeners and dancers of all ages. The band is co-led by founding members Dan Fox (trombone) and Crick Diefendorf (banjo). What is traditional jazz? To Made in the Shade, the tradition of jazz means to play with spirit and soul, to have fun, communicate with the audience, and always try to be fresh and creative. Even though a lot of the songs are old, Made in the Shade makes them sound new and exciting and vows to carry this music well into the 21st Century. Made in the Shade was originally formed in 1990 for a student recital at Berklee College of Music. That summer they ventured to the Boston Common on the 4th of July. Knowing only a handful of tunes didn't deter them from playing all day while appreciative passersby threw money into the banjo case. The sweet taste of success that summer led them to the seemingly logical conclusion that the next step was an international tour. The summer of 1992 saw the scrappy young lads embarking on a three-month, twelve-country street tour of Europe, picking up club gigs and private parties along the way. More than a decade and hundreds of performances later, the band is still going strong.

1.1 That's Called Jazz
1.2 Introductions [Narration]
1.3 What's Wrong with Tubanator? [Narration]
1.4 Tubanator Blues
1.5 The Groovematic 5000 [Narration]
1.6 Traveling to Swing City (Spaceship Jam)
1.7 Time to Swing
1.8 Scatting [Narration]
1.9 Polly the Parrot
1.10 Where Did Tubanator Go? [Narration]
1.11 Traveling to Be-Bop and Beyond (Spaceship Jam)
1.12 Improvisation [Narration]
1.13 Funology
1.14 The Other Side of Town [Narration]
1.15 Frodenfeid
1.16 Have You Seen Muffin? [Narration]
1.17 Conducting [Narration]
1.18 Traveling to Fusionland
1.19 What Do They Play Here? [Narration]
1.20 Jazz Fusion
1.21 Perro Jazz [Narration]
1.22 Perro Negro
1.23 Muffin Found [Narration]
1.24 Bumpy Ride Home (Spaceship Jam)
1.25 That's Called Jazz [Reprise]

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