Stepfather Fred: Enhancer

Stepfather Fred: Enhancer
Title: Enhancer
Label: El Puerto

2018 release. With, Enhancer, those four thoroughbred musicians from Southern Germany put their amps up to the max and present thirteen new tracks, bursting all musical limits and boundaries. German Metal Hammer called their previous record, Dummies, Dolls & Masters 'heavy rock with a muddy charm', while Rock Hard magazine was enthusiastic about, 'the kick ass attitude of the big ball rockers'. There were many things on the to-do-list of this record: More emotion - more power. More substance - more profile. More character - more message. And you can hear that they love what they do and enjoy discovering new paths. You can also feel that they are those kind of artists, who always keep an eye on the stage, while recording in their cabin. And still there is more: the way they deal with pain and anxieties and the uncompromising will to not twist themselves into a pretzel. All in all, there are thirteen tracks on, Enhancer, that hit hard individually and become something big and unique in their entirety. It's the ultimate soundtrack for a massive mosh pit, or to drown the stillness of the daily routine. Music that helps you to stand a hard working week and reminds you about what counts on a Saturday night.

1.1 I Have to End
1.2 Alone in the Ground
1.3 This Is Me
1.4 Prime Time
1.5 Die Hard - Live Fast
1.6 Full Metal Jacket
1.7 Cut My Strings
1.8 Speed of Life
1.9 One Second Alive
1.10 Take Control
1.11 Halo
1.12 Focus
1.13 My Way to You

Stepfather Fred: Enhancer

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