Stephanie Johns & Daughters of Grace

Stephanie Johns & Daughters of Grace: In Everything Give Thanks

$10.64 $12.98

Artist: Stephanie Johns & Daughters of Grace
Title: In Everything Give Thanks

This is a fun warm blend of music that tells God's word. This album is family friendly with lyrics that will speak to the young and old. The CD has a wonderful variety of sound from song to song. Some songs are lively and upbeat and some are soothing lullabies. You won't want to miss out on this one. This music promises to feed your soul!

1.1 In Everything Give Thanks
1.2 If You Love Me
1.3 Let the Word Lead You
1.4 Armor of God
1.5 Good Seeds
1.6 Encourager
1.7 Jesus Come Be My Doctor
1.8 Help Me to Obey
1.9 God's Toolbox
1.10 You Are a Gift
1.11 Great Is the Lord

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