Stephano Gavilanes

Stephano Gavilanes: Like Reality

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Artist: Stephano Gavilanes
Title: Like Reality

Stephano Gavilanes is an electronic/dance/ambient music artist/producer from NYC. 'I grew up analyzing records, breaking down songs to their essence and always questioning how a sound was achieved,' he says. Gavilanes embodied a special desire within him, prior to even mastering the ability to create and perform music. "As a teenager, I discovered my passion for recording before I even picked up a synthesizer. I found the synthesizer to be my instrument of choice." Gavilanes, who made the very cosmopolitan New York City home, but is, originally, from Ecuador, enjoys a wide variety of music. "I like rock, classical, and of course electronic music," he answers, when asked about his favorite music. "Therefore, my selection of favorite musicians and songwriters is broad; I try not to stick to one only. The list can go from Kraftwerk to Queen, from David Bowie to Depeche Mode, from the Bee Gees to Muse, and from Giorgio Moroder to Tiesto." The best way to appreciate what Gavilanes does is to listen to his new album, Like Reality. A few of it's tracks include "Geo," which has been selected for a TV/Film sync catalog by an established publishing company. Gavilanes describes it as an "easy listening, good mood, and hypnotic song," while "Ultra Ride," which he said "was made with high adrenaline and need for speed." Lastly, there's the stylistic geography of "Disco Paris," recently considered for an indie film featuring lots of girls night out/dance scenes. It is "the club, party, dance song in the album. It's playful, catchy, and silly." One of Gavilanes' life philosophies involves making the entire world your hometown. Certainly, a man that can make the big jump from Ecuador to the big city metropolis of New York, land on his feet, and have a successful music career, clearly practices what he preaches regarding making the entire world your hometown.

1.1 Geo
1.2 Disco Paris
1.3 Factory
1.4 24KT
1.5 Ultra Ride
1.6 Normal Bias
1.7 Playgrounds
1.8 Networks
1.9 Goodbye Megabyte
1.10 January 18th
1.11 #
1.12 Factory (Prototype - App App Mix)
1.13 24KT (Red Carpet Mix)
1.14 Ultra Ride (Midnight Mix)

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