Stephen (Coil) Thrower: Trouser Bar (Original Soundtrack)

Stephen (Coil) Thrower: Trouser Bar (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Trouser Bar (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Abstract Raven
Product Type: VINYL LP

Side one features the pounding disco soundtrack to Trouser Bar (2016), composed, recorded and produced by musician and writer Stephen Thrower. The film was directed by gay porn legend Kristen Bjorn, produced by esteemed author and screenwriter David McGillivray, and written by 'A Gentleman'. Side two features Thrower's music commissioned by the BFI for two silent films by Peter de Rome: Encounter (1971) and The Fire Island Kids (1971). In contrast to the disco fever of Side one, these tracks reside upon the stranger shores of Thrower's work with Cyclobe and UnicaZürn. Thrower first gained attention in the 1980s, as a member of Coil. He formed Cyclobe in 1998 with his long-term partner Ossian Brown and also works with David Knight as UnicaZürn."Thrower scores a pulsating and hypnotic disco suite, comprised of shifting moods that span an epic 20 minutes - imagine the more inspired moments in the music of Bobby O, Cerrone or Patrick Cowley. To accompany, Thrower has programmed new commissions for two silent films by the 'grandfather of gay porn', Peter de Rome. These tracks, in contrast to the A-side, share the same haunting and experimental tropes as his work in Cyclobe and Coil. Essential." -Jonathan Burnip, DJ Mag

1.1 "Trouser Bar Suite
1.2 Fire Island Kids Pt.1
2.1 Encounter
2.2 Fire Island Kids Pt.2"

Stephen (Coil) Thrower: Trouser Bar (Original Soundtrack)

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