Stephen Nachmanovitch: Saraswati Steps Up to Bat

Stephen Nachmanovitch: Saraswati Steps Up to Bat
Title: Saraswati Steps Up to Bat
Label: CD Baby

Stephen Nachmanovitch is a musician, author, computer artist, and educator. Born in 1950, he studied at Harvard and the University of California, where he earned a Ph.D. in the History of Consciousness for an exploration of William Blake. His mentor was the anthropologist and philosopher Gregory Bateson. He has taught and lectured widely in the United States and abroad on creativity and the spiritual underpinnings of art. In the 1970's he was a pioneer in free improvisation on violin, viola and electric violin and opened up many techniques now used in electroacoustic music. He has presented master classes and workshops at many conservatories and universities. He has had numerous appearances on radio, television, and at music and theater festivals. He has collaborated with other artists in media including music, dance, theater, and film, and has developed programs melding art, music, literature, and computer technology. He has published articles in a variety of fields since 1966, and is the author of Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art (Penguin-Putnam, 1990).

1.1 Saraswati in the River's Mirror
1.2 Yamuna
1.3 Riding the Lion Throne
1.4 Confabulation
1.5 She Has You
1.6 A Piece of Her Mind
1.7 Filthy Fiddle
1.8 Saraswati Swings
1.9 Monkeyman Plays Nice with Saraswati
1.10 Kapinga
1.11 Flauta
1.12 Nonduality of Body and Mind
1.13 Marriage

Stephen Nachmanovitch: Saraswati Steps Up to Bat

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