Stephen Thard Stevo

Stephen Thard Stevo: Gumbo Child

$10.64 $12.98

Artist: Stephen Thard Stevo
Title: Gumbo Child

'Gumbo Child' is a big hug to the city of New Orleans! More specifically, it's a show of affection for the spirit of New Orleans, which I believe emanates directly from the people of New Orleans. It's a beautiful city, no doubt, with tons of character, history, and flavor; but for me New Orleans is the people --- people with a way of speaking that truly warms my heart; people who literally welcome you with open arms; people who believe that food, music, dance, laughter, and family come from the same place... It's all love baby!

1.1 Mon Cousin
1.2 Laissez Les
1.3 Round 'N Round
1.4 Writings on the Wall
1.5 Love the Life You Live
1.6 Next in Line
1.7 Fish 'N Grits
1.8 Ay la Bah
1.9 Fat Tuesday

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