Stephen Wise

Stephen Wise: Live for the Light

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Artist: Stephen Wise

Artist: Stephen Wise
Title: Live for the Light

All music on the album performed, composed and produced by the artist Album also features luscious flute and saxophone solos throughout. Track 8 'Avraham Avinu' the album's latest single sung in Ladino (Spanish roots)

1.1 Ana B'koach
1.2 Adon Olam
1.3 Holy of Holies
1.4 Brich Shmei
1.5 Ashrei
1.6 Poteach Et Yadeicha
1.7 Titbarach Lanetzach
1.8 Avraham Avinu
1.9 Shema Yisrael ; Atah Hu
1.10 They in the Upperworlds
1.11 Live for the Light

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