Stepson: The Lost Tapes: 1972-1974

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Artist: Stepson

Artist: Stepson
Title: The Lost Tapes: 1972-1974
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. About 40 years in the making, and finally the world has the second Stepson album! Utilizing tapes preserved by drummer Len Fagan then transferred to digital and mastered by bassist Bruce Hauser, this fine collection of 12 songs is as close as the world will ever get to a real second Stepson album. Some is raw, some is embryonic, but it's all prime stuff for fans to savor, reflecting the band's "devil may care" attitude and rock 'n' roll lifestyle. And just in case you don't believe that the band liked to party, consider that the exact recording dates (and even some locations) have long been forgotten. To borrow an old adage: If you can remember Stepson, you weren't there.

1.1 Danger Zone
1.2 Streets of Alameda
1.3 Can't Help Myself
1.4 Flesh ; Blood
1.5 Don't Say Goodbye (Say Goodnight)
1.6 S-H-A-K-E
1.7 Midnight Creep
1.8 Mississippi Dirt Road
1.9 Rock'd to My Very Soul
1.10 Bad Situation

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