Steve Atnip

Steve Atnip: Open Highway

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Artist: Steve Atnip

Artist: Steve Atnip
Title: Open Highway

With songs as rich and varied as the lakes flowing through sunny Jacksonville, Florida, native singer-songwriter Steve Atnip communicates lyrical emotions with intuitive precision and rhapsodic ambiance. A self-learned pianist and guitarist, the singer speaks and breathes music. His forte, using subtle chord structures and harmonies to express an underlying tale, makes his lyrics and compositions relatable in a way that true music lovers crave. Studying voice, and trained as an operatic tenor, he helped create the college band, Limit, which released their only album, "Grey Morning" in 1999. He dabbled in country music in 2002, learning the genre while interning with three Nashville, Tennessee publishing companies simultaneously. Since then, he's worked with many musicians, singers and songwriters from the U.S.'s Southeast composing songs, performing vocal backups and leads, performing as bass, rhythm and lead guitarist, pianist and, more recently, as producer, arranger and engineer for two Nashville-based a cappella groups. Venturing out on a solo project for 2011, his work retains the flavor of southern harmony, while his integral style remains rock. Steve's sound is often compared to John Mayer, Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz.

1.1 Blow It Out
1.2 Could Be Yours
1.3 Open Highway
1.4 I Am
1.5 Beautiful
1.6 Self Saboteur
1.7 The Safe Way
1.8 Dove
1.9 I Get Lost Sometimes
1.10 You Gave Me Love
1.11 Win
1.12 Give in

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