Steve Baughman

Steve Baughman: Almost Whisky Waltz

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Artist: Steve Baughman

Artist: Steve Baughman
Title: Almost Whisky Waltz

This album represents 35 years of almost daily guitar practice and even more years of loving music. Several of the pieces use 'clawhammer' technique and 'high five tuning,' where I replace the low fifth string with a high first string to create a soothing drone that floats over the melody. Multiple genres are represented here, primarily Appalachian, Hawaiian, French and Celtic. There is an equal balance of slow and upbeat pieces on this album. I also play banjo on two tunes and sing on two tunes. But it is mainly a solo guitar album. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for checking in. Steve Baughman San Francisco.

1.1 Lament for the Death of the Reverand Archie Beaton
1.2 Sandy River Belle
1.3 Ku'u Lei Awapuhi
1.4 Stretched on Your Grave
1.5 Hanter Dro
1.6 La Mort Du Petit Binwag
1.7 Hard Times
1.8 Loftus Jones
1.9 The Almost Whisky Waltz
1.10 Oh for a Thousand Tounges/ Cluck Old Hen
1.11 The Hillary Two Step
1.12 Walking Cane
1.13 Wedding Dress
1.14 Prelude/ Joyce Beaton's Cajun Saturday Night
1.15 Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife
1.16 King's March
1.17 Arkansas Traveller
1.18 Last Chance
1.19 Shady Grove
1.20 Twin Sisters
1.21 Mrs. McLeod's
1.22 Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown?
1.23 Hello Coon
1.24 A Fiddle or a Dram
1.25 Gray Eagle
1.26 Hook and Line
1.27 Tempe
1.28 Chilly Winds
1.29 Indian Squaw
1.30 Mole in the Ground
1.31 Walking in the Parlor
1.32 Hand on the Plough
1.33 Piney Ridge
1.34 Little Doctor Who Fell in the Well
1.35 Norm's Tune
1.36 Protect the Innocent
1.37 Sally Ann
1.38 French Waltz
1.39 New River Train
1.40 Sally Gooden
1.41 Mississippi Sawyer
1.42 Jenny Get Around
1.43 The Boatman
1.44 Lost Gander
1.45 Sugar Babe
1.46 Sail Away Ladies
1.47 Sally Brown
1.48 Lonesome John on Clinch Mountain
1.49 Last Chance
1.50 Sandy Boys

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