Steve Blomerth: If You Think You're So Smart

Steve Blomerth: If You Think You&
Title: If You Think You're So Smart
Label: CD Baby

In the late 60's and into the 1970's FM rock radio had a "free form style" of anything goes. The Beatles,Yes and Mountain co-existed with Bob Dylan, Mose Allison, and Taj Mahal. Rock, Jazz, Folk and Country somehow all found a foot hold on the same radio station. As a teenager and young adult I grew up with an exposure to a wide variety of popular and not-so-popular music. Songs that I liked had strong melodies and harmonies with cool lyrics (and sometimes they told a story). I played in bands with many talented friends and started out learning songs that were on the radio. If I couldn't find a song that said what I wanted to say, I started writing my own songs. When my friends liked my songs it gave me the encouragement to keep writing. I got to see one friend, Brad Delp, have great success singing with Boston. (Many other friends with the same great talent have also worked in music for years, but great fame comes to very few.) I have continued to write music since those early years. There is still a place for strong melodies, vocal harmonies and cool lyrics (with some stories about life). The music on "If You Think You're So Smart" could be called rock and roll for adults. (Adults who have loved, lost, learned, forgotten and then remembered it all over again; and still like the energy from a good tune with a tale.) People who remember variety in music and who still like to tap their feet and jump up and down on occasion,will like to sing along (and maybe do some discrete dancing). If you find that the music sounds like "70's music", that's fine, there was a lot of variety and strong melody back then. If you find that the music tells you a story about something you can relate to now, be my guest. If you just want to dance around your living room or cruise down Route 66, we're on that same old radio wavelength. (And that's fine too.) Steve Blomerth ps. Just one favor,play it loud, after all it's rock and roll!

1.1 Just a Little Bit
1.2 So Smart
1.3 Moth Diving
1.4 Where It Goes
1.5 Want Me Too
1.6 Final Peace
1.7 Rockin' Infinity
1.8 What Mattered Most
1.9 Trace of a Tear
1.10 Start It All Again
1.11 Ways of the World
1.12 I Can't Let Go

Steve Blomerth: If You Think You're So Smart

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