Steve Jablonsky: Your Highness (Original Soundtrack)

Steve Jablonsky: Your Highness (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Your Highness (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Varese Sarabande

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to YOUR HIGHNESS features music composed by Steve Jablonsky (TRANSFORMERS).

1.1 Let Us Quest!
1.2 Isabel the Strong
1.3 Goodbye My Tinys
1.4 Best Man
1.5 The Greatest Most Beautifullest Love Song in All the Land
1.6 The Virgin Is Plucked
1.7 Not in My Castle
1.8 Leezar's Date, Belladonna's Hate
1.9 Playful Secrets!
1.10 Mean Knights and Horsies O' My!
1.11 Here Come the Marteetee
1.12 A Fistful of Snakes
1.13 Isabel Thrashes
1.14 Muldiss Darton, City of Lore
1.15 The Same Betrayal As Before
1.16 Labyrinths and Humps
1.17 Kill-Trophy and the Warrior's Birth
1.18 The Effening
1.19 Tis I, Thadeous the Hero
1.20 Heroes Unite
1.21 Orgy of Violence
1.22 'Til We Meet Again
1.23 Way of the Warriors
1.24 Thadeous

Steve Jablonsky: Your Highness (Original Soundtrack)

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