Steve Kilbey: Painkiller

Steve Kilbey: Painkiller
Title: Painkiller
Label: Karmic Hit

2008 release, the first solo album from the Church's singer/songwriter in seven years. Painkiller is vast and immediate, lyrically intoxicating, musically loose and rocking or spacious and trippy. It swings from delicate Psychedelic Pop songs to radiotronic Space Rock monsters. The album stretches song structures and warps your mind through swirling highs and long comedowns. Painkiller is a masterpiece, the pump of sex, the swoon of drugs, the struggle of a man, a fix for the world in pain. 11 tracks.

1.1 Outbound
1.2 Wolfe
1.3 Celestial
1.4 Crystalline Rush
1.5 Song for the Masking
1.6 File Under Travel
1.7 Look Homeward Angel
1.8 Oenone
1.9 Spirit in Flame
1.10 Forever Lasts for Nothing
1.11 Not What You Say

Steve Kilbey: Painkiller

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