Steve Rapson

Steve Rapson: My Favorite Guitar Solos

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Artist: Steve Rapson

Artist: Steve Rapson
Title: My Favorite Guitar Solos

My sixth CD of solo guitar music. Like all artists, I am always writing and arranging new material. When I play shows I like to play my new material. People often ask, 'Which CD is that one on?' If it is my new material, it is not on any of my CD's. Mrs. Rapson will admonish me to stop playing songs I have not recorded, '...stop disappointing your audience, and diminishing your CD sales.' Mrs. Rapson is usually right. Over time, I have accumulated a number of songs that, after I play them, I am asked, 'Which CD....' So I made a list of those songs and put them all on one CD: this CD, My Favorite Guitar Solos. I was even going to title the CD, 'Which CD is that one on?' But I thought it a bit much.

1.1 Gypsy Swing
1.2 Manha de Carnaval
1.3 How Insensitive
1.4 Mr Sandman
1.5 Lush Life
1.6 Ave Maria
1.7 Take Five
1.8 Two Guitars
1.9 Mr Bojangles
1.10 Someday My Prince Will Come
1.11 Steeplechase Lane
1.12 A Minor Etude
1.13 Anthropology
1.14 Crystal
1.15 Bouree
1.16 Dueling Guitars

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