Steve Roach: Quiet Music: The Original 3-Hour Collection

Steve Roach: Quiet Music: The Original 3-Hour Collection
Title: Quiet Music: The Original 3-Hour Collection
Label: Projekt Records

For the first time ever, the meditative, ambient minimalism of the Quiet Music series is available in it's entirety in a 3-CD digi-pak release. Originally released in the mid-'80s on cassette and later in a truncated 2-CD edition, this set presents this landmark album as Roach envisioned it. A collection of pieces created between 1983 and 1986 in respect for silence, the gentle electronics of Roach's synthesizers mix with flute, electric piano and sounds of nature flowing like breath, enveloping the listener in a sustained, delicate, translucent atmosphere."I think Steve Roach's Quiet Music is his best album. It's not that it's simply pretty (which it is), but there's an odd edge lurking in the background that moves it miles away from 'New Age' torpor. This is a lovely album from a composer working at the top of his skills."- Harold Budd, September 29, 1986."Finally reissued in it's entirety, Roach's classic minimalist paean of austere beauty is both profound and timeless with it's delicately folding textures seemingly minted from the very skeins of heaven itself." - Darren Bergstein, One Thousand Pulses.

1.1 The Green Place, Part I
1.2 The Green Place, Part II
2.1 See Things
2.2 Towards the Blue
2.3 Something in Tears
2.4 A Few More Moments
2.5 Air and Light
3.1 Dreaming and Sleep
3.2 Quiet Canon
3.3 Sleep and Dreaming

Steve Roach: Quiet Music: The Original 3-Hour Collection

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