Steve Sisson

Steve Sisson: Initial Attraction

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Steve Sisson

Title: Initial Attraction
Label: CD Baby

Pleasant, melodic instrumental compositions centered around the piano with rich, emotional synthesizer textures. From Yanni-esque tracks such as 'Initial Attraction,' to 'Nostalgia,' which evokes an atmosphere reminiscent of Enya with deep layers of harmony, to the heartfelt, stripped down 'Miles Apart,' this album will stimulate more than just your ears.

1.1 The Story in Your Eyes
1.2 End of a Dream
1.3 Sunset in Hurghada
1.4 Ice Dancer
1.5 The Magic Pool
1.6 Through It All
1.7 Viewpoint
1.8 Peace of Mind
1.9 68 Central
1.10 Miles Apart
1.11 Initial Attraction
1.12 Nostalgia
1.13 New Zealand Coastline
1.14 If You Say Yes

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