Steve Yarmosky

Steve Yarmosky: Let Me Dream

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Steve Yarmosky

Title: Let Me Dream
Label: CD Baby

APRIL 2009: Six men between the ages of 55 and 69 are standing around a computer watching the English woman Susan Boyle sing her heart out. The host of the meeting says, "Here is a woman who never wavered from her lifelong dream. And she had the courage to keep on dreaming in the face of the harsh reality of time and circumstance." Then he looked around the room and said simply, "What is your dream?" A profound question at any time of life, but especially compelling after over five decades of living. One by one we answered: "Watch my grandchildren grow up"; "Spend more time traveling the world with my wife"; "Join the Peace Corps." My answer: "I am going to make my album." I am a 56-year-old pediatric dentist with a beautiful wife and four great 21-year-old daughters. During my residency in Dayton, Ohio and in the first few years after starting my practice in Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, I was a prolific song writer. And though work and family soon overwhelmed my musical aspirations, I never lost faith in the quality of those songs. Over the course of my life I have come to believe that the arts are a pathway to the soul. I am a committed observer and fan of all the arts, but especially music. Meeting and befriending Todd Mack, a music producer and studio owner, rekindled my own creative spirit. But it wasn't until I heard my friend's question that I realized that those 30 year old songs and my constantly evolving plans for their production were an important part of my psyche that needed to be expressed. For the past 16 months Todd has welcomed me into the world of making music. And what a fascinating, fun, creative, and friendly world it is. Thank you to Todd; Will, my sound engineer and constant studio companion; Steve, whose talent is all over this album; Tom, whose fab vocals set the standard; Rick; Rob; Bobby; Wanda; Jeff; and everyone who contributed to making these songs and my dream come to life. A middle-aged dentist with 30-year-old songs creating quality music................................"LET ME DREAM."

1.1 Love Is Real
1.2 Rainbow Blues
1.3 Heartbreak Game
1.4 Giving You All My Love
1.5 Love at First Sight
1.6 Love My Mary Dear
1.7 Window's a Mirror
1.8 She's in Love
1.9 Nose Job Blues (Part 1: The Break)
1.10 Nose Job Blues (Part 2: The Blues)
1.11 Middle American Baby
1.12 It's You
1.13 I'm in Love Today
1.14 Judy
1.15 You Can't Buy My Love
1.16 Birthplace of Aviation
1.17 Let Me Draem

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