Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern: 432 Hz Music For Massage 2

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Artist: Steven Halpern

Artist: Steven Halpern
Title: 432 Hz Music For Massage 2

It's been said that more massage therapists have given more massages accompanied by Steven Halpern than any other musician. Steven's follow-up to his original best-seller, MUSIC for MASSAGE (IPM7888) is his new gift to the massage industry. Steven received the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award from WorldMassageFestival. Com and helped pioneer the use of healing music in destination spas and massage schools for over 40 years. His music has graced The Golden Door, Fontainebleau Spa, Rancho la Puerta, Sonoma Mission Inn and many other top spas worldwide. Each track is a unique jewel tuned to 432 Hz that combines stellar musicianship with the intention to create beautiful music that nourishes our soul. 'Steven's music instantly relaxes my clients. It helps me attune with my client's breath, and enhances our rapport. '

1.1 432 HZ Healing Touch, Healing Tones
1.2 432 HZ Crystal Tones, Healing Hands
1.3 432 HZ Hand Dance
1.4 432 HZ at Peace in the Light
1.5 432 HZ Healing Hands
1.6 432 HZ Peace Pipe
1.7 432 HZ on a Cloud of Sound
1.8 432 HZ Deep Alpha 2.0 (Pt.1)
1.9 432 HZ Opening to the Resonance
1.10 432 HZ Floating
1.11 432 HZ Relaxing in the Present Moment
1.12 432 HZ Deep Alpha (Pt.14)

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