Stevie B

Stevie B: Hits Anthology, Vol. 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Stevie B

Title: Hits Anthology, Vol. 1
Label: Essential Media Mod

The undisputed King of Freestyle's most popular songs including "Party Your Body" and "Spring Love"

1.1 Party Your Body
1.2 Dreamin' of Love
1.3 Spring Love
1.4 I Wanna Be the One
1.5 In My Eyes
1.6 Right Here, Right Now!
1.7 Love Me for Life
1.8 Prayer
1.9 Because I Love You
1.10 I'll Be on Your Side
1.11 Young Girl
1.12 Pump That Body
1.13 Dream About You
1.14 Summer Nights
1.15 You Are the One
1.16 If You Leave Me Now

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