Stevie Barr

Stevie Barr: Stevie Barr and Friends

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Stevie Barr

Artist: Stevie Barr
Title: Stevie Barr and Friends

1.1 Lonesome Road Blues
1.2 Fortune
1.3 He Was Born in Bethlehem
1.4 Sally Ann
1.5 Bye Bye Blues
1.6 It's Sinful to Flirt
1.7 Old Jimmy Sutton
1.8 Viagra Blues
1.9 No Place Like Father's House
1.10 Uncle Joe
1.11 Mary in the Wild Moore
1.12 At Calvary
1.13 Durang's Hornpipe
1.14 Barbara Allen
1.15 Sweet Sunny South
1.16 Train #1262
1.17 Dust on the Bible
1.18 Shane's Reel
1.19 I Wonder If I Done My Best for Jesus
1.20 Foggy Mountain Breakdown
1.21 Leaving Grayson

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