Wonder, Stevie: Up-Tight

Stevie Wonder: Up-Tight
Title: Up-Tight
Label: LMLR

Digitally remastered edition in mini-LP sleeve that reproduces all the components of the original album and are their exact replicas in compact-disc size (5.3 x 5.3 inches). Little Stevie is dead, long live Stevie Wonder! Released in 1966, this fifth album shows the beginning of Wonder's development into a mature recording artist. Backed by the Funk Brothers, the album futures such memorable tracks as "Nothing's too Good For My Baby," "Teach Me Tonight" and, of course, the #1 single title track.

1.1 Love a Go Go
1.2 Hold Me
1.3 Blowin' in the Wind
1.4 Nothing's Too Good for My Baby
1.5 Teach Me Tonight
1.6 Uptight (Everything's Alright)
1.7 Ain't That Asking for Trouble
1.8 I Want My Baby Back
1.9 Pretty Little Angel
1.10 Music Talk
1.11 Contract on Love
1.12 With a Child's Heart

Wonder, Stevie: Up-Tight

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