Stimulator: Lovelier in Black

Stimulator: Lovelier in Black
Title: Lovelier in Black
Label: CD Baby

2010 - Stimulator is back with a vengeance playing biting alternative rock music enhanced with heavy electronic grooves and brutally honest lyrics.  Sporting fresh shiny new black locks and her naturally strong candid female presence, Singer Susan Hyatt teams up once again with original Stimulator guitarist/producer/co-songwriter and co-founding member Geoff Tyson.   The result is signature Stimulator with sweeping melodic guitar melodies and world class James Bond style production. The third CD, appropriately entitled 'Lovelier in Black,' showcases Stimulator simply doing what they do best, rocking out with no apologies. Susan plays every inch of the Gothic princess but admits to having more in common with vintage PJ Harvey than with the blockbuster epic dark popsters Evanessence.  'I grew up listening to and watching artists like David Bowie and Debbie Harry experiment and take artistic chances. ' It's no surprise that Susan has played with so many different musical genres with Stimulator. From wrapping herself up in duct tape embracing her punk rock and new wave roots crawling around onstage on the WARPED TOUR to playing artsy sophisticated ballads to huge crowds opening Arena Tours with Duran Duran and the GO-GO's; Stimulator has been on the forefront of reviving new wave rock and roll and classic Disco. 'I think it's really important to always try and reinvent yourself as an artist both musically and visually to stay relevant.' It is this artistic commitment that keeps fans so loyal to Stimulator. When Stimulator's record label, The LAB (distributed by Universal) went defunct in 2006, fans donated their own money and paid for the production and release of the second album. It was that kind of faith that kept the band going even through the roughest times of the music industry.  Stimulator now consists of singer/songwriter Susan Hyatt (London's Grunge Pop-Punksters Pillbox/MP3TV UK TV Host), guitarist and music director Geoff Tyson (T-Ride, Snake River Conspiracy), drummer extraordinaire Chad Stewart (Faster Pussycat/Motochrist/Gilby Clarke/LA Guns) and the welcome addition of fresh new bassist Michael Brent Birnholz ( creator of 'Lovelier in Black' explores the dark side of my psyche,' explains Susan. I had just finished my Fitness DVD entitled 'Susan Hyatt's Rockstar Workout,' (charted top 20 in Best Selling Fitness DVDS on Amazon) and I felt I was totally ignoring that "other side" of my personality. In songs like 'Just Be A Man' Susan hypocritically sings about the frustration of dating metro-sexual males while 'Me & My RhythmBox' celebrates female sexuality.  Stimulator's new CD goes through the whole musical spectrum emotionally and sonically. From complete minimalism ala early Prince to orchestration as elaborate as ELO, that's Stimulator. Unpredictable but always stimulating.

1.1 Untouchable
1.2 You Think You're Sorry Now
1.3 Lovelier in Black
1.4 Saints or Strangers
1.5 Me ; My Rhythmbox
1.6 Live Like Gods
1.7 Just Be a Man
1.8 My Science
1.9 Blow My Mind
1.10 I Won't Let You Down
1.11 Chasing the High
1.12 Beat Goes on

Stimulator: Lovelier in Black

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