Stix Hooper

Stix Hooper: Many Hats

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Artist: Stix Hooper

Artist: Stix Hooper
Title: Many Hats

Stix Hooper's electric and eclectic career, experience and musicianship sets the pace and is the driving force of this recording, showcasing his many styles. Many Hats features one of Jazz's other sides of mainstream straight-ahead swing. This recording expresses a complex, varied and vast musical setting in terms of styles, personal improvisation, interplay, approaches, rhythm structures, melodies, harmonic content and instrumentations. The inclusion of voices on this project and the unique artistry of the musicians involved adds another dimension.

1.1 And Then Where Was the Blues
1.2 Don't Make Me
1.3 Elegant Evening
1.4 El Sombrero Flamenco
1.5 Gotta Get It on
1.6 Hope
1.7 When There's Love Around
1.8 Samba Del Cielo
1.9 Sweet Gentle Love
1.10 Rum or Tequila?

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