Stonerider: Fountains Left to Wake

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Artist: Stonerider

Artist: Stonerider
Title: Fountains Left to Wake
Product Type: VINYL LP

Stonerider 'Fountains Left To Wake' Matt Tanner - Guitar, vocals Neil Warren - Bass Jason Krutzky - Drums, vocals For three easygoing long-haired rockers, Atlanta, Georgia's Stonerider treat their jobs seriously. Show up promptly, be courteous, be open and honest, play a damn good rock and roll show, be creative and energetic, be outgoing and kind to your fans, make great, ragged rock records and tour extensively behind them. Stonerider opened for the likes of Robin Trower, Graveyard, Uriah Heep, Radio Moscow and Entrance Band after releasing their debut record, and dutifully upheld the principles of successful rock and roll bands, both on the road and at home in Atlanta. In the days leading up to their second album's release, Stonerider are sure that a double album was the way to go. 'We haven't released a record in four years. We wanted to see what we were capable of as a three-piece,' says drummer Jason Krutzky, 'As it turns out, quite a lot of different things.' 'We took a step back and focused on the kind of record we wanted to make,' bassist Neil Warren adds. Since becoming a trio, the band adopted a very direct approach, always looking for the most right and honest way of making rock and roll on their terms. It made them more muscular, more mature, and more effective as writers and musicians. Atlanta responded by rallying for the young band, bringing enthusiastic help to solve each problem that arose when it came time to make the second album. The album's producer Adam McIntyre states, of the musicians, filmmakers, venues, record stores and music engineers assisting, 'everyone involved with this project was in it because they were the right people. I've never seen so many people that so wanted to help a band.' The result is a genuine document of Georgia rock and roll. It has moments of homage to the state's rich musical heritage like 'When I Was Young', whose boogie-woogie piano nods to Macon's Little Richard, and 'You Don't Even Have To Try' benefits from Otis Redding's influence. Stonerider have taken these very basic building blocks, a little Humble Pie and a reminder of the varied-but-focused ethos of 70's double-LPs and put together a very vital and relevant--even charming--rock record. 'Fountains Left To Wake' covers a lot of musical ground over four sides, traversing deliberate rock riffs, informal acoustic stomps, psychedelic opuses and pop hooks. The album's more adventurous moments ('The Sleeper', 'When The Sun Goes Down', 'Don't Forget To Breathe') are pulled off so confidently that they may be the high points of the album.

1.1 When I Was Young
1.2 Trigger Happy
1.3 Undercover
1.4 Hot Summer Nights
1.5 You Don't Have to Try
1.6 When the Sun Goes Down
1.7 Say I Won't
1.8 Eldorado
1.9 Fire and Brimstone
1.10 Red Moon
1.11 Show Me the Light
1.12 Too Many Times
1.13 Lady and I
1.14 Interlude
1.15 Don't Forget to Breathe
1.16 The Sleeper

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